Anything On Wheels - WORST PLACE EVERRR!!!!

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Worst place ever!!!!if your looking to get ripped off and pay thousands of more dollars for a vehicle then what its worth, go there!

Purchased a 03 suburban at the end of the day they wanted $14,000 from me for a 10 year old car, and if that's not bad enough they allowed me to drive it for a week then called me in to tell me I needed to give them $1200 dollars or else the bank wouldn't finance me.

Nick ST- Germain was the a$$hole I dealt with, and to say he is a crook ripping off hard working people would be an understatement, there aren't enough words in the human language to describe him or that place.Lesson learned on my part, just hope my experience will stop others from spending there hard earned money at this place,not to mention my check engine light came on the very first day!

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Jefferson, Georgia, United States #925891

Glad this is not the one in Jefferson Georgia, The people there are great, Need a good car in Jefferson, that's the first place I go...

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #630553

Did he hold your arm behind your back and make you sign a contract. I don't think so. Another case of buyer remorse!

Anything On Wheels - Do not use sells lemon cars

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1 comment
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I recently purchased a vehicle from Anything on Wheels.I would say if you want to be taken advantage and buy a car that they dont bother to check out before reselling than this is the place for you.

Right after purchasing the car and signing the documents they walked us outside, handed us 1 key with no remote for the remoteless entry, the trunk slammed shut as the shocks were gone. They advised us the car would be detailed and it wasnt. Right after i drove it off the lot, the back window went down and never went back up. I took it back the next day, they agreed to fix it, and kept the car for 3 more days.

2 weeks later during a bad rain storm i went into the car andthere was a flood in the back seat. the sun roof was leaking to the point that there was no way that they did not know this. I took the car back again. they agreed to look at it, they determined the car needed a new sunroof installed and they were not going to pay for it.

the sales manager sarcasitcally stated he hated this part of his job as the car had no factory warranty and the car was sold as it.

I took the car else where to determine what was wrong and there was damage to the drain system of the car that did not develop over night.If you want a crappy car and a dealership that is not upfront about the cars that you are purchasing Anything on Wheels is for you

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Jefferson, Georgia, United States #925900

That's in Florida, The Please don't be confused the in Jefferson Georgia is great.Ive bought about eight card from them and plan to buy my next car there as well..

these lots are not owned by the same people, the one in Jefferson was voted Best Used Car Dealer in Jefferson..Great people

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